Production Manufacturing

Trust us to handle all volume production manufacturing needs for your electronic products. Our experienced contract manufacturing team delivers quality, efficiency, and scalability.
This helps to ensure uninterrupted supply at any level.

Access a truly premium manufacturing experience

We have extremely high standards for the quality of service that we feel our customers should expect. And to offer this we’ve built up the ultimate infrastructure, systems, and expertise. Our customers rely on us to deliver product consistently so they can in turn deliver the world to their customers.

We’ve taken a deeply technical and scientific approach

Our entire software platform was developed in house to be in total control of every process. And we’re constantly inspired to improve it by the thrill of exceeding our customers’ expectations.

Optimal infrastructure that’s always evolving

We work closely with the world’s leading manufacturers to maintain a top-class equipment lineup. By constantly upgrading our infrastructure we give our customers access to the latest capabilities at production scale efficiency.

Core Processes

  • Material Management
  • Surface Mount
  • Through Hole
  • Inspection

Material Management

The entire life cycle of every component is tracked from the moment it’s received through to it’s usage on an assembly. We track inventory in real-time, verify it with automated counting, and store it robotically in controlled conditions.

Surface Mount

01005, flip chip, PoP, ultra fine pitch; HDI, flex, ceramic. Whether your needs are cutting edge or more tame, we’re capable of almost anything. Bring it on.

Through Hole

There are times when you just can’t replace through hole. We treat it as a first class process with the best selective solder and wave equipment in the industry.


Our 3D automated optical inspection ensures precise volumetric solder joint quality. And our sub-micron x-ray capabilities ensures the highest quality on even the smallest flip chips and BGAs.

Intelligent routing and flexibility built-in

We’re obsessed with efficiency and eliminating waste. We designed our production lines and process stations as clones of each other, which allows the unique mix of processes for each product to be balanced and optimized. All while coordinating everything with our in-house developed production management platform.

World-class supply chain management

When you’ve got that big order that you can not slip up on that’s when we’re proudest to be in your corner. The market has never been so complex and volatile. But we’ve positioned ourselves to have the greatest market insight and agility imaginable.

  • Market Insight
  • Spikes and Changes
  • Forecast Planning

Market Insight

We’ve built our own supply chain platform that keeps an eye on a massive number of inventory sources in real time. This allows us to never let inventory fly under our radar.

Spikes and Changes

We know how demanding your customers can be and what it means to turn down an opportunity. As long as the inventory is out there or an alternative solution can be found we’ll fit it in. Our production scheduling is designed so resources can be reallocated for these situations.

Forecast Planning

When you have a good idea of a product’s demand forecast there’s no excuse for slip ups. We schedule out orders and bonded inventory and continuously reconfirm that everything is in order.

Commitment to Quality

Profab has been founded on the principles that trust is the most important factor in selecting the right manufacturing partner. Our commitment to customer success and product quality drives us to improve everything we do, everyday.

ISO 9001
AS 9100