New Product Introduction

Whether you’re developing new products on the cutting edge of technology or updating the products your customers already love, move at lightning speed with confidence.

Bringing a new product to life is easier when you know what you’re getting

When you’re developing a new product there is no more room for surprises. We build all prototypes with the same equipment and processes that we would use for production — and we do it faster than your typical contract manufacturer ever could.


Checks on checks on checks

We built a powerful set of tools from the ground up because nothing out there was good enough. We’re obsessed with checking every imaginable data point for anything that could get in the way of a smooth launch.

Automated Review

  • Find Inconsistencies in Documentation
  • Materials Availability
  • Manufacturability Analysis
  • Cost Optimization

You need solutions, not more problems

Because our systems perform countless checks and balances, people can then focus on what really matters. You’ll build a relationship with our talented team and come to love all the thinking we’ll do for you.

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Machine built prototypes and pilots

We’ll take you to production as smoothly as possible. It’s our job to ensure that quality and efficiency are designed into your product during its earliest stages rather than left as an afterthought.

We treat your product like it’s our own

We want to hear machines humming. Any unnecessary processes or labor is exactly that; unnecessary. We want everything to be as lean as possible because after all, that’s good for everyone.

Industry Expertise & Certifications

ISO 9001
AS 9100