Where PCB Assembly Happens

Scale up to volume production, introduce new products, or even modernize your existing products. Profab has you covered for all your electronic assembly needs.

Your product is unique, so is our approach

Software built from scratch

Our standards of efficiency and flexibility couldn't be met by any other software platform. So we built our own. Allowing us to review, purchase, produce and ship with precision monitoring every step of the way. The way we like to do it.

Speed without compromise

We're never slowed down by paperwork or dated processes. By automating as much as we have, you get the responsiveness you need to move swiftly.

Commitment to quality

We make our systems do countless checks and balances so we can focus on what really matters. And it shows through when product hits production.

The most advanced manufacturing processes

We’ve fine tuned every single process to be repeatable and flexible

  • Review and Analysis
  • Machine Builds
  • Automated Soldering
  • Robotic Inventory
  • Supply Chain Management
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Review and Analysis

Assembly documentation is automatically reviewed for any discrepancies, so no mistakes slip through. This is followed by a thorough component availability and manufacturability review.

Machine Builds

All surface mount PCB assemblies are built on the same SMT equipment whether they are prototypes or large scale production. This allows us to offer consistent production from day one.

Automated Soldering

There are times when you just can’t replace through hole. We treat it as a first class process with the best automated soldering equipment available.

Robotic Inventory

All inventory is stored in low humidity and robotically controlled storage towers. This keeps us organized and ready to prep production kits in minutes instead of hours.

Supply Chain Management

We have the ultimate insight, within our software, into inventory and pricing at all levels of the supply chain. This lets us plan ahead and schedule all of our purchasing requirements the same day customer orders are received.


We make our customers' mission our own

From big business to startups, we have over 40 years of experience in a vast spectrum of industries. We’ve worked with some of the world's most innovative companies to bring incredible products to market.

Electronics Manufacturing as a Service

We built the framework for the ultimate manufacturing process that we know our customers would have built for themselves. We’re committed to offering our customers uncompromising flexibility and transparency.

Commitment to Quality

Profab’s driving principle is that trust is the most important factor in selecting the right manufacturing partner. Our commitment to customer success and product quality drives us to improve everything we do, everyday.

Industry Expertise & Certifications

ISO 9001
AS 9100