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New Product Introduction

Your ability to bring new products to market rapidly is critical to the success of your company. So we help keep you ahead through our nimble approach to NPI manufacturing.


Design for Manufacturability

We offer invaluable insight to make your products more efficient to produce. Our exposure to every industry and technology affords us the deep knowledge and understanding of what works and what doesn't. We work closely with our customers to identify opportunities to tweak your layout or identify alternative parts, ultimately bringing your total cost of ownership down.


Ready for Volume

All new and existing products are analyzed by our process engineering team and produced on the same equipment. This allows us to identify processing bottlenecks which can affect your overall cost if not attended to in the early prototyping stages.

Volume Production

Having production flow smoothly and dependably is key to making sure that your products are delivered to your customers on time and on budget. With our manufacturing expertise you can focus on sales while we focus on delivering.


Precision, Speed, Scalability

Efficiency in the manufacturing environment is critical to all schedules and deliveries. Our strict specifications for equipment selection guarantees that all processes are performed at top speeds and with total accuracy. With our flexible approach to production, selecting matching equipment across all of our production lines and supporting departments is paramount to fulfill all delivery promises.


Transparency and Flexibility

One size does not fit all. We have developed our own in-house software to cover all aspects of our unique processes. By creating a synergy across all departments and processes, we can accurately schedule your jobs and provide up to the minute updates at any given time. By having a "yes we can" approach to manufacturing, when its crunch time and you are line-down, our software can determine opportunities to manipulate schedules to get your product delivered.


Quality Assurance

With our unparalleled commitment to quality and efficiency, all products go through the same process engineering risk analysis. All processes are reviewed and documented in the form of a virtual traveler, pinpointing all critical steps and how to successfully complete them. Nobody likes surprises or defects, we are committed to take all preventative actions with our hands on approach.