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Design for Quality

We are passionate about being hands on with every product from inception to production. Many times products can have quality designed-in, reducing the cost of quality and eliminating risks for defects and costly rework. Understanding past quality problems and concerns and implementing those lessons learned will greatly improve and streamline product designs. Leveraging our broad knowledge and experience is vital to your product's success.


Process Control

Our Quality and Process Engineering team is made up of individuals with multiple disciplines encompassing all stages of a product's journey through manufacturing. Careful risk analysis of all production stages is documented within our quality management software to create a custom production flow. Virtual travelers guide each product and documents every stage of production reporting any process defects or concerns allowing our quality department to determine areas for improvement.



When it comes to equipment selection, you usually get what you pay for. By always staying on the cutting edge, our equipment choice allows us to continuously improve production processes and accuracy. Some examples of equipment choices include automated inventory equipment, eliminating the risk of component damage and errors. Another example includes the selection of identical surface mount equipment across all production lines. This affords flexibility in our production schedules, therefore reducing lead-times.



As technology rapidly evolves and miniaturization becomes top focus, we have deployed specialized equipment and trained our inspectors to evolve with this shift. Automated inspection along with X-ray inspection gives us the confidence that all potential opportunities for defects are inspected and analyzed. These inspection processes are performed in sync with production, allowing inspectors to communicate with production supervisors to identify solutions and immediately implement them.

Quality Commitment

Profab has been founded on the principles that trust is the most important factor in selecting the right manufacturing partner. Our commitment to customer success and product quality drives us to improve everything we do, everyday.